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world heart day…really is your heart fit?? 16/10/2012

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29 sept was the world heart day i saw many different programs and awareness among people…

you might also find reading some of the stuff like

exercising daily

keep good food habits                                                                                                                             what actually your heart

actual heart

what to eat and what not to eat….

but inspite of all care is your heart really strong??

In spite of keeping all of your heart healty we dont actually take care of our heart…we keep getting hurt…its like a computer….

No matter how clean we keep our computer  hardware it will not work properly if there is any virus present in the computer similarly…

No matter how fit and healthy we keep our heart by diet and exercises,etc but unless and until we keep getting hurt the software of our heart will not work properly..

Also heart is the most punished organ in our body…whatever bad we may see, bad we may hear, etc the punishment is not to our eyes, ears but its to our heart we get easily hurt and thus our software of heart is getting corrupted….

So guys dont take anything to your heart always….dont take anything personally…recognize that your strong heart can make you a powerful person….

all can be achieved by changing ur beleif system…how we see the heart..

how we see the heart

This is how we perceive it….:) and also when you need to take decisions you feel weak you feel strange… after talking decision also you think or doubt it never doubt your decision of heart…

It is most powerful organ as it connects to each and every part of your body providing life to it..

every time you get hurt or don’t follow your heart the power of heart decreases and eventually you loose SELF CONNECTION or your CALLING within you.

Scientist have found that a person with good heart can make people in the room realize his energy they have strong electromagnetic field around them which can be felt from a distance…
amazing isn’t it?

so friends protect your heart and have powerful heart not effected by external sources keep smiling and have a healthy heart!!


The choice… 11/08/2011

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     The choice a person makes it really makes you different from others.

Its your ability to take tough calls in any situations and make decisions it determines your power to be a good leader its your choice that determines your fate.

In life you may have have many paths to choose but your choice helps you differ from the common people.

ex. you lost a person you can always be sad loosing that person or you can choose to remember him with joy and all the good moments you had with him.

Also you may choose to follow the path your heart wants or the path in which the whole world walks. Its upto you to make the difference or follow the crowd.

Its challenging to make the right decisions at right time and once you have developed an ability to make tough decisions and make the right choice you will have a greater life ahead.

You will avoid confusion in life and soon be a good leader who can take right decesions at right time.

Keep taking right decisions……and follow your instincts…..


The pressuried education…. 08/08/2011

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              In today’s times where education has become business and nothing counts more than money to these money hungry Institutes and colleges…

They have changed their methods and ways to teach..

Love used to be the biggest motivator for student..The oldest university were nalanda and takshashila in which to receive education was a boon in itself.

The gurus treated the children with love care and taught them discipline in the right way no physical punishment nor any work load like donkeys…….It was just education without weight of books.

The education system imparted great knowledge about life and skills in day to day life also todays subjects like physics, maths, bio, etc were  already mentioned in vedas years before they were taught the shastras contained all the science that we use today.

In today’s world it always about marks , numbers, and money. The institutes spend lot of money to earn name and fame and the poor parents and students have to suffer.

The parents pay tons of money for the better ment of their children and the students are torchered on the name of education no love, no motivation nothing  just giving student work  loads and deadlines and  the students have to work like machines and often face depression…

One  incident occured in my college after much efforts and passing through  lot of mental torchering  a student of my college had a suicide as he was forced detain second time….its actually real pity.

I wish people start to think students as humans and not machines and love, care and motivation is all what a student requires not punishment if you are really touched by this incident pls observe 2 min silence for this and pray to God that the education system may be practiced in a fine way…..

Keep praying and help friends around you to get out of depression and love them care them motivate them………


State of mind….. 06/08/2011

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The State of mind is responsible for the happenings in your life..and your life..

“The quality of your life depends upon the state of your mind.”

You might have noticed sometimes that you do very

little work and yet your work is very good and

productive on the contrary, sometimes no matter how hard you work hard your results

are miserable ……want to know why??   Its simple  its the result of how you feel ….

If you feel good your results will be good and when you feel good you will work more

efficiently and when you feel miserable your results are miserable and when you work your work done will not be efficient…..

A simple way to get maximum results is to cultivate your mind in such a way that you are always happy so you always get good results ……..being happy is a state of your mind  when you have a habit of being happy then you will attract positive energy and you will release a positive power for the people around you…

When you are sad your feeling generates negative thoughts and energy and thus get miserable results………….

So its up to you which kind of life and results you want to have in your life…………….1) You can behave normally and get sad on small things.. or 2)You can be happy always no matter what happens by doing this, all good things will happen to you.

So Keep Your mind happy always ………to get good results and a good quality of life………

The choice is yours………



Overcome Fear 05/08/2011

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We all fear something or the other…..

Lines from frank herbert “I must not fear, Fear is a mind killer”

When we are scared of something we run away from it insted of facing…Its common for all of us..

when you run away or do not face it you will always fear that thing…

Running away from your fear will make you weak.

here is a thing which i feel

You are not scared of the dark, you are afraid of whats hiding in it,

you are not afraid of the heights, you are afraid of falling down

you are not afraid to love you are afraid of not being loved in return, you are not afraid to try but afraid of falling.

So Face your fears Dont run away from your fears run towards them…..

Let the fear Fear you.Lets not get haunted and frightened but show that fear will be afraid of you.

Be like the brave soldiers and face and fight your fears, Bcoz on the other side of your fears lives your possibilities,

Fear is really a portal into your best life,into professional success and to evolution and growth as a human being and quite high possibilities for which your life is meant to be.

So dont run away from your fears Run towards them….And when there is no fear only you will remain and then there will be no limits in your actions and you will break all barriers to achieve your dreams.



The inhuman technology……. 04/08/2011

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The real happiness


“Things are to be used and people are for loving i don’t know why people reverse it”

We love our cell phones, we get miserable if we can’t use facebook or google plus for one day we even don’t leave our places in bus or class…..we have started loving things more than people…….and we ignore natural resources and people around us which are ours……

The world is advancing on and on with the world going on development of technology the humanity and human element is reducing day by day.

No hard feeling for technology but i feel technology has deepened its roots into our lives.

Ex When you meet a person he will talk about his mobile, mobile OS, or computer  or its config of the comp he purchased, or ipod or anything.

Its always about technology no one would even remeber the days they used to play in the parks and swing , gone for a walk in the evening or had a bath in rain,We all are happy with our lap tops, cellphones and internet.

The physical world is ignored a lot and we live in digital world i have hardly seen people talk about their childhood, old days of memory, good days of their youth,etc.

People have started loving to go to malls instead of parks. People love dim lights rather than candle light dinner..People like to go in cars but they forgot the importance of the walk in rainy season…or they forgot their chat with friends on bicycles in childhood..And the main thing is whenever u look around all you find is all hands down to mobile and doing some things even ignoring the person with them.

I just remember my wonderful childhood with all physical sports and not this plastic toys like playstation or xbox, or i remember the times of my life when black berry and apple just used to be  fruits.And all people felt the need of meeting and talking and laughing together ……its real joy to share, to talk , to laugh , to love when you are with each other..

You will say due to cell phones and internet we are connected but well we are divided we just chat and talk but when we meet we don’t really feel eager talking to them.

If power goes for 2 days and no battery on your cell phones we get haunted we never know what to do we get bored………and feel miserable.

Try to get out of this tech habit go to parks, bath in rain, hug and clap with friends really not on any social sites….rejoice life and the nature , the greenery the mountains, the plants the natural surrounding which provides you fresh oxygen and energy be thankful for it and enjoy the natural resources around you.Think about this keep smiling




Universal language of love 03/08/2011

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universal love


I heard many people talking about love. Its not just about a girl and a boy its about showing care to all your near and dear ones.

Its love when a father kisses her daughter and asks her if she is fine. Its love when a mother asks her son what food he wants her to prepare. Its  love when a friend hugs you and says yaar missed you…Its love when a loved one holds your hand and says i wont leave you alone.

Love moves the world , Great people have changed over time due to love and its not just loving the man kind it can be with any living objects like i love the rose plant and tulsi plant  in my garden, i love the cow that i feed daily.

Precisely its  about a connection through heart to other living beings. I still remember i used to feed a calf(small cow) and it took the piece of chapati from my hands only , thrown or not from the hand was not accepted by it. It only used to eat it from my hand and when i fed her it used to move  tail so lovingly and it raised its neck so that i can brush its neck smoothly with my hands  to make her feel good.It feels really good to be connected to any living being.

Also remember some good  experiences with puppies when i was small. You might have heard plants grow well when good music is near them.

All this things without words describe the true language of love its universal known to all but we don’t use it,we don’t show it.

Use it and show the people you love that you love them very much. Be expressive and keep smiling …….. 😀